No. 9
Name Hana
Age 31
Height 169cm
BWH B93cm(F) W58cm H89cm
How are you everyone? ♪ I'm "Hana".

Feeling tired? Feel like to be refreshed?
When you feel like taking a rest.
I will be happy if I can become you place to rest.

I'm a former chiropractor and have been massaging for 8 years, but it's my bliss to be able to touch your body and enjoy it. If you show me the man's body, the chewy part, the unusual face and breath, it will make me feel more adorable and tickle my motherhood. I feel like hugging you.

Please lean back when you are tired, when you feel lonely, or when you want to reveal true yourself.
And I will be happy if I can help you with a little power so that you can charge your energy and take off.

I wish you a good relationship.
She is cute even though she is elegant. Her appearance is surrounded by a merciful aura to which such words fit.
An adult lady with elegance and friendliness. It is full of kindness that covers everything.
Gentlemen who are active on the front lines will be able to take off their pride and feel mother's kindness like a child in front of her. You will have a wonderful time with her sweet fingers.
Then you will be captivated by her and will never forget her again.
09.28(Mon) 09.29(Tue) 09.30(Wed) 10.01(Thu) 10.02(Fri) 10.03(Sat) 10.04(Sun)
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